located in Indore, India has three centres. It was formerly known as Inter University Consortium for DAE facilities.
Its Kolkata Centre, located in the Salt Lake Campus of Jadavpur University, Kolkata primarily facilitates the utilization of the Accelerator based facilities/ programmes of the Variable Energy Cyclotron facility at VECC, Kolkata. It also co-ordinates the utilization of the following accelerator facilities of the Department of Atomic Energy by the research groups from the Universities, 3 MV Tandem Facility at IOP Bhubaneshwar, 14 UD BARC-TIFR Pelletron facility atTIFR Mumbai.


Nuclear Structure with INGA
Mossbauer Studies Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Magnetization studies Ion Implantation using VECC ECR
Radiation Stress Biology Facilities Available
Gamma Irradiation Facility Macro molecular & Nano Chemistry Facilities Available
Sample preparation laboratory PIXE studies using 3 MeV Tandem at IOP EDXRF Facility
Collaborative Research Schemes (CRS)
The Mandate
Consortium has the objective of developing competence and promoting research in front line areas of science and technology in Indian Universities by providing institutional frame work for optimum utilisation of major research facilities established by the department of Atomic Energy such as Dhruv Reactor of Mumbai, VECC at Kolkata and Synchrotron Radiation Sources at Indore. The facilities of the UGC-DAE CSR can be availed by scientists from any university.
Call for new CRS proposals
Support for use of in-house facilities

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