Radiation Biology

Ionizing radiation activates diverse physical and chemical effects in matter which may sometimes be manifested as malfunctioning of biological systems at all levels of complexity - starting from unicellular life forms to higher multi-cellular organisms. Mechanisms and implications of radiation interaction with living systems and their subsequent response constitutes a prime arena of interest in the field of radiation biology.

The Centre under it's collaborative research scheme supports several research projects in the field of radiation biology, using ionizing energetic beams from the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata and the 2 kilo-curie Gamma source available at the Centre.

Some of the areas of research are
  • Radiation & cellular response
  • Radiation & molecular biology
  • Radio-sensitization & radio-protection
  • Radiation genetics
  • Radiation carcinogenesis
  • Radiation & macro-molecules of biological importance
  • Metabloic aspects and life functions

Contact : Dr Anindita Chakraborty : ani@alpha.iuc.res.in