Sample Preparation Laboratory

High quality solid samples with minmal contamination or water contents are a pre-requisite for reliable and meaningfull analysis using X-ray Fluorescence techniques. The Centre has the following facilities for sample preparation :
  • Freezer Dryer
    The scientific principle in freeze-drying is sublimation, the conversion of a solid(ice) directly into its gaseous form(water vapour). It results in the extraction of the water content preserving the original elemental composition.

  • Pelletiser
    This allows us to forms pellets from a wide range of materials

  • Vacuum Filtration

Recent Users

Prof. S.C. Santra Kalyani Univesity
Dr. Vipasha Chakraborty J D Birla
Dr. Shaon Roy Chowdhury WBUT
Prof. Anjana Dewanji ISI
Dr. M. Manna Barasat Govt College
Mr. M. Aken Singh Mizoram University
Dr. S. Chakrabarti Calcutta University
Prof. Sarmistha RoyChowdhury Calcutta University
Dr. T. Saha Barasat Govt College
Dr R k Datta IIT Roorkee
Dr. Monisha Chakrabarti Jadavpur University
Dr A.K.Sen IIT Roorkee
Dr. P. K. Behera Sambalpur University
Dr. P. V. Lakshmi Narayana Andhra University
Mr. Naorem Premananda Singh Manipur University
Dr. Punarbasu Chaudhuri Calcutta University
Dr. H. M. Agawrwal GB Pant University
Dr Shaon Roy Choudhuri WBUT
Dr A. Mukhopapadhyay Calcutta University
Mr. Jay Prakash Rajan Mizoram University
Dr. N. Mohandas Singh Mizoram University
Dr. H. N. Thatoi CET Bhubaneswar
Prof. N . Lakshman Das Ach. Nagarjuna Uni.
Dr. P. Chowdhuri Calcutta University
Dr. S. K. Sarkar Calcutta University
Dr. D Das B.W.S.U

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