Trace Element Research : EDXRF

Energy-Dispersive-X-Ray-Fluorescence analysis (ED-XRF) is a convinient tool for elemental analysis. The atoms in the sample material, which could be any solid, powder or liquid, are excited by X-Rays emitted from a X-Ray tube. All element specific X-Ray fluorescence signals emitted by the atoms after the photoelectric ionisation are measured simultaneously in a fixed mounted semi-conductor detector.

An energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer makes use of the fact that the pulse height of the detector signal is proportional to the X-ray photon energy. Usually a multichannel analyzer is used for display and providing the data. Here each channel counts the number of photons with a certain energy level simultaneously.

The radiation intensity of each element signal, which is proportional to the concentration of the element in the sample, is recalculated internally from a stored set of calibration curves and can be shown directly in concentration units.

EDXRF systems detect elements on the periodic table between atomic numbers 11 (Na) and 92 (U). i Samples can be analyzed non-destructively. Elements in concentrations from as low as a few parts per million to 100% may be analyzed. Accuracy of less than one percent relative error are attainable with comparable reproducibility

The ED-XRF Spectrometer commissioned at the UGC-DAE CSR, Kolkata Centre is the EX-3600 model, procured from M/S Jordan Valley, Israel.

Operational parameters

Voltage 50 KV
Current 1 mA
Element Na - U
Detector Si(Li)
Detection Limit 5 - 10 ppm
Detector Resolution 143 eV at 5.9 keV

Recent Users

Prof. S.C. Santra Kalyani Univesity
Dr. Vipasha Chakraborty J D Birla
Dr. Shaon Roy Chowdhury W B U T
Prof. Anjana Dewanji I S I
Dr. M. Manna Barasat Government College
Mr. M. Aken Singh Mizoram University
Dr. S. Chakrabarti Calcutta University
Prof. Sarmistha RoyChowdhury Calcutta University
Dr. T. Saha Barasat Govt College
Dr. R K Datta I I T Roorkee
Dr. Monisha Chakrabarti Jadavpur University
Dr. A.K.Sen I I T Roorkee
Dr. P. K. Behera Sambalpur University
Dr. P. V. Lakshmi Narayana Andhra University
Mr. Naorem Premananda Singh Manipur University
Dr. Punarbasu Chaudhuri Calcutta University
Dr. H. M. Agawrwal GB Pant University
Dr A. Mukhopapadhyay Calcutta University
Mr. Jay Prakash Rajan Mizoram University
Dr. N. Mohandas Singh Mizoram University
Dr. H. N. Thatoi CET Bhubaneswar
Prof. N . Lakshman Das Ach. Nagarjuna Uni.
Dr. P. Chowdhuri Calcutta University
Dr. S. K. Sarkar Calcutta University
Dr. D Das B.W.S.U

In air and vaccum facility.

Qualitative analysis with inbuilt software EXWIN ; Semi-qualitative analysis with Standardless Fundamental parameter.

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