Ion Implantation Using VECC ECR

A low energy heavy ion implantation facility has being developed by VECC in collaboration with the Consortium. This facility utilizes highly charged ion beams available from the ECR ion source at VECC, which are transported through a glaser lens and a scanner to a irradiation chamber. The irradiation chamber is equipped with a High Voltage insulated sample holder. A Glassman power supply provides a negative high voltage on the sample resulting in irradiation by higher energy beams. At present, with this setup, maximum ion beams energy of 35keV per charge state has been achieved, with a beam current of a few micro-amperes.

The beams available are C, O, N, He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe. Fe-ion beam has been developed. For this purpose volatile compound of Fe, ferrocene, was used as the feed element. Ferrocene has a SVP of ~ 10-2 Torr at room temperature (300K). With this arrangement conditions of extraction of Fe10+and Fe11+ beams were optimized. There are plans to develop Ti, Hf and Ni beams in the near future.

The design and fabrication of iron yoke for x-y beam scanner has been completed. The new scanner assembly will be installed shortly.

Few experiments have been carried out using this facility. In the first experiment D-9 (Stainless Steel) sample was irradiated with 315 keV Ar ions. In the second experiment 1cm x 1cm scanned beam of 306 keV Ar ions was used to irradiate polymer samples. Using Fe beams implantation studies on Holmium and Ferritic Steel were carried out.

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